Dunbeath  Broch is accessed via a footpath which has steps in some places. The distance between the car park and the broch is around 750m.

There is a purpose-built car park at the Mill on the inland edge of Dunbeath.  Turn off the old road just east of the old Thomas Telford bridge beneath the modern A9 flyover.

Head upstream on the path beside the river. The path soon reaches and passes through a kissing-gate, and then a suspension footbridge over the Burn of Houstry, a tributary of the Dunbeath Water.

On the far side of the bridge the path turns left to keep heading upstream beside the Dunbeath Water, but before doing this, head through the gate straight ahead. This gives access to a short path that climbs up to what at first looks like a walled enclosure filled with trees. Inside the enclosure is Dunbeath Broch.